Dawson Greeley

Network Security &
Freelance Programmer
Windows Sys. Administration
Linux Sys. Administration
C#/C++ Programming
  • Project Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Critical Thinking and Observation
  • Git/Github knowledge

Degree Objectives

  1. Create a network infrastructure design communications document that includes identified hardware components, connections to the outside world, identified physical layer connectivity (media) and addressing, including operation and security components in the design.
    • Home Network Diagram

      This is a diagram of my home network. The goal of my network is to be able to expand, test, and operate more IoT or other software devices while maintaining security to my main systems

    • NTS270 Final

      In this diagram I needed to create a equipment list including pricing for a small office network. The office included Wifi Cameras, 5 VoIP phones, 1 Desktop, 4 Laptops, a printer, and 3 tablets

  2. Install, configure and test security hardware and software tools with supporting documentation such as port scanners, vulnerability detection systems, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, system hardening, anti-virus tools, patch management, auditing and assessment.
    • NTS330 Final

      For the NTS330 final, instead of doing HackTheBox signup I decided to do a tryhackme.com room called "SimpleCTF".

    • NTS350 Wireshark Challenge

      During NTS350, Prof. Mike Vasquez decided to challenge us to use Wireshark to capture HTTP traffic and get an image from a website

  3. Construct, implement and document a script or a program to automate a security-related process or other tasks such as installation, administration, management, mapping resources, logon scripts, patch management, updates, auditing, analysis and assessment.
  4. Create a policy or procedure that addressess events such as: a disaster recovery plan, a business continuity plan, an incident response policy, an acceptable usage document, an information security policy, a physical security policy, assessments or troubleshooting procedures.
    • Mobile Agent Security Implementation

      A presentation in how to implement SP-800-19 into a business

    • Data Center Security Plan

      A presentation of how a data center could implement overall security between physical and digital controls

  5. Develop a research report or implement a plan concerning legal and ethical best practices and mandated requirements that pertain to information security.
    • Mobile Agent Security Implementation

      A presentation in how to implement SP-800-19 into a business

  6. Research, document, test and evaluate several current industry information security based threats, risks, malicious activities, covert methodology, encryption technologies, mitigation techniques or unconventional tactices to prevent loss of sensitive information and data confidentiality, integrity and availability.
    • CurveBall

      A presentation about CVE-2020-0601 (CurveBall) detailing what its about with a few image examples of how it could be used

    • LinuxTKS - https://dawsongreeley.com/sip
      • This project meets the objective due to it being an toolkit with useful administration automation for maintaining file integrity, detecting security based threats, and more.
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